DJS / MCS / Karaoke Service


DJS / MCS / Karaoke

Bob Gail’s disc jockeys have over ten years of experience entertaining at a variety of functions including corporate, charity, society, wedding and Bar/ Bat Mitzvah events.

Over this time, their expertise and music libraries have grown to offer both clients and guests an event that is tailored to their needs and musical tastes.

They have developed an acute sensitivity that allows them to accurately read an audience and play an eclectic mix of music for all to enjoy. In addition, the DJs use this expertise to decide whether a more assertive approach is necessary to inspire guests onto the dance floor, or whether it is appropriate to simply let the music speak for itself.

They are emcees who are skilled at tastefully keeping guests informed, maintaining an event’s continuity, and preserving the crucial timing which can either make or break a function.

Bob Gail’s DJs are constantly compiling and updating their music libraries by staying attuned to both the requests of clients and the popular selections of the past and present. These inordinately large and ever-increasing collections allow them the unique opportunity to please audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and musical tastes.

They have wowed crowds and kept the dance floors packed while entertaining for such noted celebrities as Magic Johnson, Whoopi Goldberg and Al Pacino, as well as for many corporate organizations such as Gucci Beverly Hills, Nestle Foods, Leading Hotels of the World, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and many others.

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